News Release


CIMC Raffles Winning a Contract on Provision of Services for Two Additional Oil Wells in Norway



Recently, CIMC Raffles was awarded by Neptune Energy, a mainstream Norway-based petroleum-natural gas operator, an additional contract for its “Fairyland Yantai” Semisubmersible Drilling Platform to operate in two oil wells. According to the contract, the platform is expected to start operation at the Dugong Oilfield in Norway North Sea in 2021.  

In 2019, CIMC Raffles was awarded a “6+10” oil wells drilling service contract by Neptune Energy, and the contract was subsequently extended to cover “13+8” oil wells. The platform will continue service in Norway at least till 2022.

The “Fairyland Yantai” semisubmersible drilling platform is the sixth generation of middle-depth water and deepwater drilling platform. Provided with DP3 dynamic positioning system and automated drilling control system, it is suitable for operation in the harsh environment of the North Sea, Norway. The platform has been awarded by the customer due to timely delivery for operation. Since its commencement of operation, the platform has achieved a far greater efficiency than other platforms of the same type in the history and outperformed those large platforms in the sea area of Norway in terms of “energy-efficient” and “green” drilling.

Since the delivery of “Fairyland Yantai” in 2019, CIMC Raffles has been in close cooperation with Yantai Government in exploring maritime cultural tourism, marine fishery and other emerging businesses. Recently, the semisubmersible accommodation vessel, “OOS Prometheus”, constructed by CIMC Raffles has constituted a drive for developing the five-in-one “super cultural tourist IP” of the “Mirage - Yantai Bajiaowan Maritime Art City” project; volume production of the first intelligent cages for the “Hundred-cage Program” of Yantai Marine Ranch in which CIMC Raffles participates have commenced construction; besides, the semisubmersible crane and accommodation vessel, “OOS Gretha”, is heading back to China for participation in an offshore wind power project. The renewal of contract for continuing service of “Fairyland Yantai” denotes that Yantai is innovating and integrating offshore engineering, maritime cultural tourism, marine fishery and offshore clean energy industries relying on its “ocean development” idea.