News Release


CIMC Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Nantong Municipal People’s Government



On December 24, Gao Xiang, President of CIMC, together with representatives of container, energy and chemical, logistics, airport, industry-city and capital segments and businesses, went to Nantong and met with Wang Hui, Vice Secretary of the CPC Nantong Committee and Mayor of Nantong City, and other leaders from the Municipal Government; during the meeting, they discussed about the development plan of CIMC in Nantong; after the meeting, Deputy Mayor Wang Xiaobin, acting on behalf of Nantong City, and Vice President Li Yinhui, acting on behalf of CIMC, signed a Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation.

According to the Agreement, the parties will seek further cooperation and common development based on the established good relationship, carry out cooperation at more levels and in more fields, facilitate construction of Nantong into a strategic pivot of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the “north gate” of Shanghai, and promote growth and expansion of industries in Nantong.

Wang Hui said that the distinct industrial characteristics of CIMC had made significant contribution to the development of equipment industry in Nantong through the years and paved a solid foundation for subsequent in-depth cooperation between the parties; that he hoped CIMC could eye on the commanding height of the industry, center on advantageous industries such as tank containers, special containers and energy equipment, and continue driving growth and expansion of businesses in Nantong, consolidate and complement existing industrial chains in Nantong to form a sound business ecosphere; and that Nantong was expecting to advance concertedly with CIMC and share with CIMC achievements of leap-forward development in the city.

In the context of constructing the “dual circulation” development pattern as facilitated by the country with emphasis, Mai Boliang, Chairman and CEO of CIMC, ever pointed out on different occasions that CIMC should seize opportunities of the age, continue exploring and developing domestic market based on globalization, search for potential opportunities in domestic businesses, and build resources and energy for long-term development of CIMC, so as to realize the general goal of the group in development of domestic business.